Connect matching Fruits to create long chains (minimum of three). You can connect fruits in any directions.

High Points Level Target

The longer the chains you create, the more points you are given. Score the number of points needed to clear the level, in the given number of moves.

Dry Land Level Targets

You must remove all the fruits sitting in dry-land in the given number of moves.

Fruit Box Level Targets

You must connect all keys of a certain color, to their matching fruit box. This is done by starting on the key of a specific fruit type, and joining similiar fruits until you reach the Fruit Box. Upon making a successful connection, the fruit box will open.

Worm Level Targets

You must drop all of the worms, to win these levels, in the given number of moves.

Crack Chestnuts

You must clear all chestnuts on the screens, to enable the screen to scroll down to clear remaining chestnuts.