Small Bushes

These require you to clear a fruit near them.

Medium Bushes

These are like small bushes, but require two moves to clear them completely.

Large Bushes

Large bushes are like medium bushes, but require 3 moves to completely clear / remove them.

Dry Lands

Some fruits are on drylands. In these levels, the goal is to slice all fruits sitting on drylands, in the given number of moves.


Some Fruits are trapped in nets. Trapped Fruits do not contribute to score in chain. Be sure to unfree these fruits by including them in a chain.

Ticking Time Bombs

Time bombs go off, in the number of seconds found in their body. If you do not clear them (by slicing an adjacent fruit) they will go off and you will lose the level.

Venus Fly Traps

Venus fly traps grow and spread across the board unless they are killed. To kill them, slice a fruit in their vicinity.